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Training courses for businesses

GFSB training courses for businesses

The GFSB started its Training Courses for Business with the Managing Customer Service Course. This course was well attended with 27 delegates attending.

The course dealt with the following topics:-

  • Changes in Customer Service
  • Creating Excellence
  • Communication Skills – This session helped participants develop their listening andquestioning skills – two cornerstones for great customer service.
  • Stereotypes – This session helped participants identify their own stereotypes and ways that they themselves might be stereotyped.
  • Giving Undivided Attention to Others – This session addressed two ways that we can pay better attention to others: attending and observing.
  • Engaging Employees – This session explored the key behaviors of great managers. Participants also identified ways to engage different types of employees.
  • Follow the Leader – Participants explored leadership characteristics through a fun, thought-provoking activity.
  • Workshop Wrap-Up – At the end of the session, students had an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

The participants gave valuable feedback at the end of the course and the most important lesson learnt was that in future the maximum number. This will help in creating a better trainer/delegate relationship and improve interaction and help with group exercises.

Some comments from the delegates who attended:

“Simply brilliant”

“I enjoyed the course and feel it will really benefit me”

“Good motivating speaker”

“Go! Brilliant… huge eye opener”

“Certainly recommend taking this course. It give lots of ideas to implement during the day depending on the desired outcome”

“It was a worthwhile experience as it provided me with the tools I required to improve my efficiency”

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