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Perfecting Your Presentation – Intermediate

Perfecting Your Presentation – Intermediate

This workshop concentrates on the core elements of presentations – focusing on preparation, practice and performance. Delegates will practice several different styles of presentation video recording equipment will be used and every delegate will leave the course with a record of progress for further reference. Delegates should come to the course with an outline of a presentation to work on.

Who Should Attend?

This highly participative workshop is designed to enable delegates to project a more professional image by adding polish, interest and panache to their presentation. This course is ideal for people who can put a presentation together quite well, but want to stimulate a more positive reaction.


  • By the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Establish credibility and interest and make first impressions count.
  • Successfully prepare plan & structure your presentation.
  • Make effective use of language through enunciation, style and vocabulary.
  • Channel nervous energy to positive ends.
  • Practice your performance in your mind.
  • Add variety via humour and silence.
  • Profile your audience for levels of interest, ability and influence.
  • Explain the boundaries and limitations of your presentation.
  • Dealing with difficult people, handling objections and thinking on your feet.


  • First Impressions Count
  • Panic-free Presentations
  • Dynamic Delivery – Adding Variety
  • Establishing Rapport with the Audience
  • Managing Difficult Audiences
  • The Use and Abuse of Multimedia
  • Problems
  • Personal Development

Course Information

Duration 1 day

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