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If you have never attended a training course run by Paul Holder, I suggest you sign up immediately! In my opinion, Paul is an expert at what he does. An effective communicator, motivator and coach, I believe that no other trainer comes close to doing what Paul does. He is engaging, understands the needs of businesses and is extremely skilled at conveying that message to the delegates attending his courses. Paul draws even the most self-conscious person out of their shell and they leave his session feeling self-assured and motivated to put into practice the information and techniques that he has communicated. The course content is clear, concise and the best feature of all is that you can follow up with Paul, if required, way after the course!

Helena Dennis
Assistant to Managing Partner at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Paul has worked with the GFSB for the last two years, in which he provides monthly training to our members. He is also working with us on a number of future training initiatives to benefit our small businesses.

We always ask delegates to fill in a Course evaluation form at the end of each course so we have continuous monthly feedback. All delegates have been very satisfied with their training and always recommend Paul and his techniques.

He is described as a knowledgeable trainer, who keeps the training interesting and enjoyable. A majority of members have felt that these training courses are a good investment of their time and money. Delegates always come away with some food for thought, and asking for more.

We always have had great feedback from our members, and highly recommend Paul.

Many thanks

Jenny Wootley
(GFSB Office manager)

Jenny Wootley
Office Administrative Manager at GFSB (Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses)

Paul has the ability to inspire and can make the most boring training material into a lively and interactive training event. He is able to understand the training requirements and deliver programmes that show results. Delegates enjoy his enthusiasm, style and genuinely learn at his events.

Ruth Halsall
Head of HR at Gala Interactive

Very professional, knows how to present topics, manages to maintain his scholars interest throughout the whole program, he is well aware that dry and serious issues need to be spiced up at times with a bit of laughter...

Ralph Lichtmannegger
Head of Customer Relationship Management / Fraud and Compliance Manager, digibet Ltd.

Paul pays great attention to detail and is very knowledgeable of the topics he delivers in his training sessions.

He has and continues to supply my organization with high quality training, for my Management teams, on various topics such as, Gaming products, Sales, Team Management, and techniques on how to become better Managers, to quote just a few.

He has also delivered training sessions at agent level, for me, focusing on sales and online gaming products.

Adapting his style to the attendees, feedback has always been positive and indeed the performance improvements expected, from those that have attended his courses, are witnessed.

I'd be happy to speak to any prospective organization or individual, interested in hiring Paul, to enter into more detail about my positive experiences to date.

Tyrone Ruiz,
Head of Customer Services/Director

Tyrone Ruiz
Head of Customer Service at Ladbrokes

Paul’s vast knowledge on Customer Service has greatly added to AquaGib's day to day practises. Paul delivers his courses with passion and commitment, with a fresh approach to the subject matter. I would highly recommend that if a company is looking to improve on their Customer Service hiring Paul is a must!

Kadrian Bugeja
AquaGib Ltd.

“Paul is a great motivator and is highly knowledgeable in his field. The course material was of a very high standard and I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to learn about the online gaming industry and its opportunities.”

Katie Blowes

“Paul Holder is a brilliant professional. He really knows how to do his job, knows how to motivate and encourage his students... he loves it.”

Clayton Aquino

“I have really enjoyed my time during the course. You can see how passionate Paul is about what he does. If you know nothing about gaming industry, Paul is definitely your man!”

Elena Mazurkevich

“Paul is a incredible teacher, he has a very big capacity to conect with the students, and he has a very big capacity to comunicate ideas and makes it easy to understand all the contents. He is very organized, creative and his classes have a lot of quality and the students learn a lot with his methods. You can be sure that if you are in his class you will learn a lot.”

Jaime Jose Crespillo Martin

“I have just today completed my Certificate of Competency with Paul. He is a fantastic teacher and a phenomenal person. Paul is very passionate about his industry and therefore projected his passion and knowledge onto me. I would recommend his fiveday course with Infinity Learning to anyone seeking work in the gambling industry in Gibraltar. I have come out of this course knowing 100% more than I did when I entered.”

Lewis Collingbine

“Paul’s training courses are invaluable. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one as I needed a better understanding of the Gaming Industry. His training skills are informative as well as fun and he is always quick to respond to any query. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone. Warm, kind, friendly and always wears a smile.”

Lisa Rawlinson

“Paul was instrumental in helping us get First Choice Temps on the map. We felt that we couldn’t fully the service required to the online gaming companies, without first, knowing more about the industry. We attended a course run by Paul, to give me a better understanding of the Online Gaming industry. His understanding of the online gaming industry is second to none. His training skills were phenomenal, giving us a thorough understanding of what our prospective Clients would require. Paul offers a highly professional service and his effective communication makes his training sessions fun and easy to follow. I would recommend Paul 100% to everybody, who is looking to gain a better understanding of the gaming industry and also to anyone that wants any form of life skills training.”

Sarah Pike
First Choice Temps

“I found the course invaluable, it has increased my understanding of the customer services role, and the industry 100%. Paul is an excellent and enthusiastic trainer. I learned a great deal about both the online gaming companies and myself, and I now know that not only would I welcome the opportunity to work in the gaming industry, but that I am also very capable of doing so.”

Juliette Gaffney

“Having attended Paul's course outlining the Online gaming Industry I came away far more knowledgeable and found the course to be interesting and fun. Very relaxed way of teaching and nothing was ever too much trouble, very helpful all rounder.”

Mandy Quinn

“The course was a great addition to my CV, and more importantly, now I know how to play poker!!!”

Samantha Sheppard Capurro

“I have made a fantastic training course on Casino and Poker with Paul Holder. He maintained a level of efficiency that was fuelled by his high work ethic and his professional concern for his students' progress. He impressed me with his unique ability to analyze the online gaming market. It is my belief that participating at any coaching dictated by Paul will truly open your mind and help suceed in your professional competence and future career. No time was wasted in his classes.”

Marcela Fiz Lara

“We have received 100% positive feedback from all candidates sent on Paul's courses to date. His background in the industry enables him to deliver in a very relevant and practical manner.”

Anne Tirathdas

“Paul is a true professional in all he does: articulate, caring and approachable. As Training Manager at 888 he made a real difference to the service quality of its employees, regardless of rank. By 2010 he had created a function that was the envy of its gaming competitors – he has my full admiration and comes with a high personal recommendation.”

Michael Ford
Head of Human Resources, Training and Development,

Dawn McCormick"Having worked for the same company as Paul for approximately four years, where he was the Training Manager, I have received vast training from him covering various courses, topics and an extensive syllabus of modules which he devised.

When delivering his training, Paul is friendly, relaxed and both interesting and informative, thus creating a comfortable environment in which to learn.

With a combination of his product knowledge, experience, communication and interpersonal skills he delivers excellent training to all, he facilitates in a way which is easy to understand and can be applied to your job role. He is very positive and can see the potential in everyone, this giving both confidence and a feeling of self belief to the individual.

During his sessions he creates positive interaction, he encourages questions and recognises instantly if something has not quite been understood, from this he will explain it differently or adjust to the specific need of the group / individual.

For me personally, I have not only gained skills and knowledge that I have applied to my work, but also grown in confidence and become more assertive because someone believed in me and I am now beginning to believe in myself.

Paul and his courses are excellent and highly recommended."

Dawn McCormick
VIP Proactive Representative

"My experience of training delivered by Paul is that it is:

• Focused
• Relevant
• Well structured
• Challenging
• Performance driven

Paul is an extremely supportive and personable trainer who has a wealth of work experience and training skills.

In the years I worked with him, he assisted me to develop as a manager, to gain a better understanding of leadership and to develop the way I perform my job in the workplace. In particular we focused on having an appraisal system that was a worthwhile experience for all; at introducing 360 degree appraisals; and having a training development plan for my Team. I would recommend Paul to any Company that wishes to develop its staff to be able to perform at its optimum during these challenging but also rewarding times."

Jayne Fisher

"You have really been a great help and source of inspiration. Your kindness, extensive knowledge and always available attitude is no shorter than amazing. Everything that I have learnt from you has been relevant since becoming a manager and I can sincerely say that your courses has saved me hundreds of valuable hours in my work, giving me the means to face all sorts of situations with confidence, but more importantly apply my efforts in the right areas. Thank you for your guidance and for giving me an education at such standard that is nowadays rare to find in any organization."

Frank Rouleau
VIP Operations Team Leader

"Paul's ability to communicate extends beyond teaching (which he masters flawlessly). He adds a passion component that becomes instrumental in the process.

Learning can be done from a book, at home. But when you are sitting in front of Paul, his speech somehow sticks in your memory, and what you learnt from him will stay with you.

It does not matter the subject he has to teach, he will live and breathe it before your learning begins, so there will be no unfilled gaps and no cut corners."

Javier Amian
Senior IT Support Engineer,

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul. I learned so much on the High Potential Development Program. He was always willing to take the time to explain things and I found that he was very knowledgeable in the areas he taught. For anybody looking to get into management, Paul is the man!! Thanks so much!"

Sergio Moreno
I.T. Support Engineer

"I have attended several training courses conducted by Paul Holder and each time I had a great experience. Paul created a relaxed learning environment which made it easy to absorb all of the information on offer."

Assym Jones
Operations Coordinator

"I have attended many training courses given by Paul. The environment he creates makes you want to attend, makes you want to participate, I especially like the “Holder Tips”. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his courses grab it, you won’t regret it."

Anastaisa Christidou
VIP Account Manager

"Great training.
Great trainer.
Fun learning environment.
I highly recommend him."

David Holland
Fraud Operations Supervisor