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Time and Clarity Management

Time and Clarity Management

Time and Clarity Management

With the accelerating change of the twenty-first century, time management skills are at the top of the personal development tool kit. This course is designed to relate effective time management to the achievement of business objectives, key tasks and jobs.

Delegates will be introduced to the concept of urgent versus important and learn how to deal with interruptions.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs an introduction to the basic principles and practices of effective time management.

Course Objective

This course is designed to give participants the tools, techniques and motivation to take greater control and responsibility for how they use their time.

  • Set up their own time management system
  • Understand how to prioritise tasks
  • Know how to set clear goals
  • Delegate more easily and effectively
  • Manage interruptions and handle disruptions

Course Overview

  • Personal: Creating your personal time management system. Identifying the Time Bandits that steal your time and strategies to beat them. The best way to plan and stay planned. How to motivate yourself to use your time creatively and productively. Breaking out of your comfort zone and overcoming natural and unnatural obstacles.
  • Practical: To do or not to do – how to use a priority matrix. How to calculate controllable and uncontrollable time. Clearly identifying those things you do and cannot control. How to turn values into goals into objectives into tasks – every day! How to make your goals SMART. How to take the stress out of deadlines. Strategies for solving any time management problems.
  • Interpersonal: How to respond to changing priorities and other demands within the organisation. How to organise and conduct an efficient and effective meeting. The first principles of assertiveness. The art and science of delegation.

Course Duration 1 day

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