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Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills Training

This course is designed for people of all levels who wish to build and develop strong working relationships with others. The course examines ways to build rapport and respect with others by enhancing communication – using clear and effective verbal and non – verbal communication skills. Analysing selfmotivation and personal behaviour, delegates are encouraged to identify different patterns of behaviour and behaviour triggers. Assertive behaviour is examined in detail and delegates will be able to practice how to deal effectively with different situations.

Who should attend?

Aimed at anyone who wishes to overcome the invisible barriers that often hinder success.

Course Objectives

  • Help delegates understand the concepts of self-esteem and selfconfidence.
  • Overcome invisible barriers that hinder success.
  • Establish a more positive self-image.
  • Develop assertive behaviour.

Course Overview

  • Where does self-esteem come from?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Invisible barriers that hold us back
  • Self-image
  • Self respect – identifying a self esteem building team
  • Self-motivation – setting goals for success
  • Effective communication
  • What is assertive behaviour?
  • Assertive behaviour vs aggressive behaviour
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Assertive body language
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Feeling more confident
  • Changing negative thoughts into positives!

Course Information

Duration 1 day

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