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GFSB Training for Small Business

The Rock of Gibraltar

ON the 26th & 27th January the GFSB with Infinity Learning held the Marketing & Sales half day Training Course. Delegates who attended the previous course of Time Management started of the training session by telling the group the most valuable tip(s) they took away, put into practice and are enjoying the positive results.

This set the scene and raised the level of expectation for the delegates who had missed the previous workshop.

Each delegate left the Marketing & Sales Training Course with 88 ways to Market themselves, 8 Key Ways to Marketing Success and for Networking Know How? – 5 Key Strategies.

Paul Holder is the owner of Infinity Learning. “The mission for Infinity Learning is straight forward – to provide an unrivalled range of courses designed to increase the knowledge, effectiveness, skills, techniques and strategies necessary to facilitate and improve the growth of your business to infinity and beyond”.

Paul is a Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Mentor and Doer! He can be contacted at or by email at [email protected]

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