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Factors of leadership

Factors of leadership

There are four major factors in leadership:


Different people require different styles of leadership. For example, a new hire requires more supervision than an experienced employee. A person who lacks motivation requires a different approach than one with a high degree of motivation. You must know your people!

The fundamental starting point is having a good understanding of human nature, such as needs, emotions, and motivation.  You must come to know your employee’s be, know, and do attributes.


You must have an honest understanding of who you are, what you know, and what you can do.  Also, note that it is the followers, not the leader who determines if a leader is successful.  If they do not trust or lack confidence in their leader, then they will be uninspired.  To be successful you have to convince your followers, not yourself or your superiors, that you are worthy of being followed.


You lead through two-way communication.  Much of it is non-verbal.  For instance, when you “set the example,” that communicates to your people that you would not ask them to perform anything you would not be willing to do.  What and how you communicate either builds or harms the relationship between you and your employees.

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